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Chris Kiem


Chris Kiem is a trained social scientist, who spent several years in America, Asia and Africa. He is presently our main teacher at the German B2 level. Besides his teaching he is involved in the counselling of nurses, doctors and students who wish to migrate to Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands.


Auria Kiem


Auria Kiem is responsible for the institutional development of Weli. She has extensive experience as a cultural organizer for the Indian Embassy in Berlin and in the field of tourism and environmental protection in Kochi.

Katrin Karneth - Language Trainer.jpg

Katrin Karneth

German Language Trainer

Katrin Karneth has been trained as a German teacher by International House, London and the Goethe Institute. Apart from teaching German at various levels she is also our main program developer.

Katrin has lived in the Netherlands and speaks colloquial Dutch.

Gowtham G - BC4A1717.jpg

Gowtham Ganesh


Gowtham Ganesh is our manager. He has eight years of experience in marketing and sales. He is the main contact person for our students for information and guidance on language courses and arranging exam dates for candidates. He listens to the needs and worries of our students and has a solution for most problems.


Jackfrank James

German Language Trainer

Jackfrank James has completed the B2 level German at the Goethe Centre in Trivandrum. Before joining Weli he taught at Hesse International in Kottayam. He is our main stronghold for the beginners level in German as he is able to communicate with the students in three different languages - German, English and Malayalam.


Hannes Benjamin Tippach

German Language Trainer

Hannes Tippach holds university degrees in philosophy and German. Before joining Weli he taught German at GLS language school in Berlin. At our institute he is mainly teaching B1 courses and has helped many students to successfully pass through this crucial language level.


Joby Jose Kottackal

German Language Trainer

Joby Jose Kottackal is a medical doctor and has a degree from Bulgaria. He spent several years in Germany where he achieved the C1 level in German. Apart from his language skills his first hand experience in Germany is a valuable in put for our students.


Achutha Menon

German Language Trainer

Achutha Menon is one of the most experienced German teachers in South India. After living and working in Germany for many years he became professor in the Department of Foreign Languages at CUSAT. Students benefit from his wealth of experience. At our institute he teaches German from A1 to B2.


Sonia Maria Lobo

French Language Trainer

Sonia Maria Lobo has obtained an M Phil in French with a specialization on hotel management and tourism. She taught at Fatima College, Quilon and later went to the Middle East where she continued her career as a freelance translator and teacher at Cambridge IGCSE curriculum based schools.


Franklin Antony

Program Assistant

Franklin Antony assists our manager Gowtham in the day to day tasks at Weli. He is also a B2 German student at our institute and aspires to move to Germany next year.


Non-teaching Faculty

Helen T. P. - BC4A1691.jpg

Helen T. P.


Hellen T.P. is our receptionist and is usually the first person you will meet when you come to our institute. She has been with us for several years is always friendly and helpful.