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Language Courses at WELI Cochin - German, English, French, Dutch

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Our institute provides one to one classes and small batches to ensure thorough learning and preparation for the exam.
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We offer courses at A1, A2, B1, B2 and C1 levels in German (from beginners to effective operational proficiency level). We prepare candidates for the Goethe and ÖSD exams.

With roughly 100 million native speakers, German is the largest language of the European Union (EU). It is the sole language of Germany and Austria and the main language of Switzerland. There are also smaller numbers of native German speakers in the north of Italy, Belgium and Luxembourg. Being the economically strongest country in Europe and known for its scientific and technological achievements, Germany attracts large numbers of international students and highly qualified professionals from IT, engineering and medicine.

The structural complexity of German is notorious, but with the right approach it can be mastered - as evidenced by millions of non-native speakers inside and outside the German-speaking world.



The English language taught at WE Language Institute follows internationally accepted standards and helps you to acquire practices that are acceptable to educated English speakers throughout the world.

For a long time, English has been the main medium of international communication. Having a good active command of this language is an absolute requirement for anybody seeking to improve his or her professional prospects, be it in India or abroad. English-speaking countries like the US, UK, Canada and Australia are among the most advanced in the world and attract millions of immigrants every year. Different slang and pidgin varieties have deformed the English used by many people in everyday life.




French is offered at levels A1, A2 and B1.

Next to English, French remains the second most important lingua franca. It is spoken by millions of native speakers in Europe (mainly France, Belgium and Switzerland), Africa (e.g. Algeria and Morocco), America (Canada and the Caribbean Islands) and places as remote as Tahiti in the South Pacific. Having long been acknowledged as one of the most beautiful and refined languages in the world, French represents a civilization known for its great cultural achievements and its much admired "art of living". Thus, for good reasons French has traditionally been a part of the curriculum of many schools in India.

Our institute assists school children in their attempt to come to terms with the intricacies of this highly cultivated language.



Dutch is offered at the A1 level. We assist candidates with the preparation for the Dutch Civil Integration Exam (Nationale Inburgering Test).

The least-known member of the Western European language family is Dutch, spoken by some 20 million native speakers in the Netherlands and Belgium (and a few outposts in the Caribbean). Both countries rank among the top ten trading nations of the world and have a very high living standard. The Dutch-speaking cities of Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Antwerp are major hubs of international commerce.

Dutch is closely related to German and English and having a command of either of these languages will significantly help in learning Dutch.


The language courses at our institute are graded according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Language Learning (CEFR) developed by the European Council. The CEFR distinguishes six levels of language competence from A1 (beginners) to C2 (near-native fluency). For each level there are corresponding exams which are widely accepted throughout the world. We train our students to successfully attend these exams.